As with many emerging technologies, virtual meetings terminology can be confusing. Clients see virtual or hybrid meetings as a solution to the joint problems of time and money caused by travelling and attending conferences but there are so many competing technologies they aren’t sure of the different styles or types of meeting that can be virtual, or would be the best suited to their meeting or event.

This short animated sequence seeks to clarify what the competing technologies can do and which one could suit your needs.

Webcasting is a similar technique to TV broadcasting, it can be live or pre-recorded and is used to allow registered viewers to see and hear your event, along with the presented content.

Webcasting allows people remotely to attend meetings. Interactivity is included and they are able to ask questions via text box on screen and they are able to participate in polls buy diflucan online uk online.

Whereas a Webex is a virtual meeting over the internet for a few people. Not really designed for large audiences.

It is however possible to include a Webex in any size of live event, such as a conference, for instance, if a presenter can’t travel to a meeting and they have a presentation to deliver but they can’t be there personally. This can then be connected via the internet, wherever they have access to a computer, to the main meeting room AV equipment and they can present their presentation virtually and participate in a Q&A session if required.

All of the above technologies can also be recorded, edited if required and posted online for viewers to access on-demand. This is particularly useful for training courses as the viewing data can be collected and monitored to establish if a course has been completed and an award is due.

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