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Ten Useful Audience Engagement Tools

Whether you are organising a business meeting or an awards ceremony, you will always need some way to interact with the audience, and engaging with them is probably one of the most important ways to measure their satisfaction. You could let them ask questions or (just shout at them), but it would be much more effective if you use audience engagement tools to enhance your messaging. Take a look at these ten useful engagement apps:

  1. Sli.do

Slido is a live app that allows the audience to ask questions through their phone without having to speak out loud and clear in the middle of a crowd of people. They also have the option to send questions anonymously, further eliminating any fear they might feel to speak up. The moderator filters the questions before going live so that nobody can ask inappropriate questions.

It is not just questions either – you can also interact with the audience through polls in which people vote live and attendees can view any presentations on their phone by downloading PDF files so that they will always be able to see and understand what is happening without having to look over peoples’ shoulders.

  1. Glisser

Glisser can be used by the presenter to share slides to the mobile devices of the attendees. The audience members can then like, comment or share the slides on their social media.

As well as that, attendees can download the slides for future reference or to share with colleagues at work. As a result, you don’t have to go through the trouble of handing out printed sheets or any extra convenience for the audience.

  1. Crowd Mics

This app turns your phone into a microphone. Using an “ATOM” box which runs on your wired network and sound system, people speak into their phones to ask questions to the host whilst the host also decides who speaks using an IPad app.

Crowd Mics also allows people to comment and enter polls just in case you are getting tired of speaking, making this multipurpose app perfect for audience engagement.

  1. Buzzmaster

Different from other apps as it comes with the “BuzzMasters” – a group of very experienced journalists and event managers. This allows them to moderate audiences in real time.

The “BuzzMasters” look through the comments and pick out the most interesting ones to discuss. They also ask new and unexpected questions to keep the audience interested in the event.

  1. Power Vote

Instead of making people use their phones to vote, Power Vote provides individual keypads which make it much simpler for people have difficulties using technology.

These keypads let the audience answer multiple choice questions by typing in letters or numbers. All of the responses are shown live, allowing you to easily gather opinions.

  1. Live Insights

Sometimes it is good to receive feedback from the audience. Therefore, you should use apps like Live Insights by QuickMobile. This app lets the attendees vote, rate or answer multiple choice questions on their phone that give you feedback on the event.

Additionally, you can also launch live polls that allow you to shape your presentation according to the feedback you have been given, meaning you know that he audience will be happy.

  1. Confrenz

Another way to seek feedback is through Confrenz. This app, complete with several purposes, lets your audience rate their level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 – 5.

Otherwise, you can also create surveys that the attendees can respond to via phone, giving you a more in depth opinion. This app also allows the audience to connect with each other privately through social networking capabilities.

  1. Engagenow

Attractive and interesting, Engagenow allows you to create quizzes that persuades the audience to interact. It also allows you to open up chat around the event so that you can debate, creating an exciting atmosphere.

  1. Event Scribe

Event Scribe has a wide variety of functions, including the ability for people to connect on private social networking platforms, ask questions and comment on the presentation.

Interestingly, this app also allows the audience to access slides so that they can annotate slides and share notes with other people. This lets people share their views and show their opinions on the presentation slide.

  1. Loquiz

One great way in which to interact with the audience is through the use of games. Loquiz is used to create quizzes with ease using a question library.

On some occasions, you can even use Loquiz to create treasure hunts, using pictures and clues to hint at where the treasure might be. The person who is chosen to be the team leader uses a tablet to operate whilst the Loquiz app on the tablet uses GPS for outdoor positioning and a unique clue system used for indoor mapping. This special app is suitable for events of any size.


It is always important to engage effectively with the audience. If you are striving to make your event special and different from most other events, why not try the apps listed above?

These apps are amongst the best in the world and create a buzzing atmosphere. From simple presentation slides and annotations to quiz questions and treasure hunts, these apps have all you need to craft the perfect event which your audience will never forget.