At Media 1 we know that the best approach is a comprehensive one – we’ve invested heavily in the ability to deliver a complete package for this very reason. It’s true that conference audiences have seen it all before, so we set out to produce fresh looks and use techniques that grab and hold the attention.

It’s about engagement – the creation of a relevant and impactful presentation that supports your content, and never detracts from it.

We can tailor a set design to your individual requirements providing graphic visuals, floor plans and computer buy fluconazole cheap generated images (CAD) to represent the finished construction. We only work with expert set builders, advising on suitable materials from flame proof felt to fire certified carpet, and have a vast experience of venues’ limitations and technical requirements. Working closely with designers and lighting and audio experts we can determine what overall look and sound can be created for you.

We provide a full range of services including:

  • Set design, Staging and Backdrops
  • 3D Graphics and Logo Projections
  • Stage Furniture & Flowers/Foliage Provision

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