Whatever the size or format of your event, you will need some level of audio visual equipment and support, whether it’s a simple projector and screen or a complex stage set with full sound, lighting, video and audience interactivity.

Sourcing the appropriate technology can sometimes be an arduous task, fraught with potential pitfalls, particularly for anybody who is new to the event planning process or unfamiliar with new technologies. Media 1 specialises in audio visual hire and support, housing a wide range of state of the art equipment that is maintained and updated on a regular basis to ensure you have the best equipment available at all times. This is supported by the latest sound, lighting and staging technology.

Not only do we have the equipment ready to go, but we also offer the stability and consistency of one of the best teams in the business. Media 1’s network of freelance creative talent includes all manner of specialists; gifted technicians who can be brought in to meet your project’s buy generic diflucan online specific needs as and when required.

Our team has been working together for many years, and we’ve always made a point of nurturing the talent we use so that today our pool of professionals can gain optimum results from the kit we operate. What’s more, Media 1 shows a commitment to professionalism with a dedicated project management team that manages your event from start to finish.

What’s more, Media 1 now offers interactive keypads to gather accurate and measurable data and engage your audience at conferences and presentations. These can be used to measure the success of a presentation, test the effectiveness of staff training, find out complex information by asking a series of simple questions and get honest and anonymous feedback.

We provide a full range of services including:

  • Sound, Lighting and Rigging Specification
  • Breakout room equipment, Video Monitors and Sound Reinforcement
  • Confidence Monitors, Speaker Timers and Cue Systems
  • Audience Interactivity and Voting systems
  • Indoor Pyrotechnics, Outdoor Fireworks & Lighting Features

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