Drones making waves in events


We were all in awe of Lady Gaga’s performance at the Super Bowl after she shared the stage with over 300 drones to stage a spectacular aerial light display above the half-time show.

According to Dezeen, Technology Company Intel claims that this was “the first time that drones have featured in a televised event”. However, this technology is certainly a growing trend and becoming a recurring presence in more and more events.

So, how are drones changing the events landscape? We’ve put together a list of the top uses at events:



As we saw from the Super Bowl half-time show, drones can be used as an attraction as part of an event’s scheduled entertainment. Drone technology has the capability to create an immersive experience for event attendees and audiences. Drones can be choreographed to create lighting displays, hover around above the audience and even be used for advertising and sponsorship purposes. Using drones as a tool for entertainment deviates from the traditional format of staging events in a way that intrigues and engages an audience.



One of the most common uses of drones at events is for filming buy cheap fluconazole purposes as they have the ability to capture video material from entirely new perspectives for a more interactive and exciting experience. Drones can be used for filming live close-up shots of a speaker or a panel at a conference, as well as filming coverage over large spaces such as sporting events a crowd at a festival. Unlike traditional videography, drones can follow the action, film from a range of different angles and live stream the entire experience.



Besides entertainment and filming, drones are also a great solution for maintaining safety and security at events. Equipped with cameras, drones allow venues and event organisers to maintain an overview of the entire event space. This can provide far reaching surveillance and act as an extra pair of eyes for security teams to assess for signs of disturbance or potential problems at events of all capacities.

From engaging attendees with immersive entertainment to capturing event footage and even added event security, drones are making big changes to the event landscape and we can expect to see a lot more of them this year.

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