NHS public forums are a series of meetings that the NHS is required to hold as part of a national drive to improve UK health services. Sessions are held regularly, across the country, to offer the public an opportunity to communicate directly with their local Trust or CCG, voicing their concerns or suggestions on how health services could be improved.

These mandatory meetings need to be conducted in such a way that attendees feel capable and confident to communicate with the Trust. With that in mind, here are three elements to consider when hosting a public forum:

Maximising Budgets

Given the frequency with which NHS Public forums are held it is important that they are carried out as cost effectively as possible so as not to incur any unnecessary or excessive expenditure. Maximising budget will ensure that these public meetings are both efficient and effective in their purpose. Start by determining the scope of the event; what type of venue do you need, what equipment will you require. Once you have an agreed process in place, it’s easier to plan your budget accordingly.

Providing Visual Aids

Whatever the size or format of the public meeting, forum or event, it is important to take into account visuals that can illustrate points more clearly. Some level of Audio Visual (AV) equipment and support will be necessary to execute a successful can i buy fluconazole online meeting where attendees and NHS representatives are able to communicate effectively. Depending on the size of your event, this may include the following:

  • A projector or screen to display presentations
  • Video equipment to enable visual aids
  • PA system and microphones for speakers
  • A hearing loop for those with hearing impairments

For larger meetings, a more complex stage set up may be required with full sound and lighting equipment. Consult with an events company to decide what equipment would best suit the needs of the attendees and advisory board.

Compliance and Transparency

When hosting public meetings and forums, Trusts and CCGs need to follow certain processes and frameworks. This can be anything from a guarantee that these events are held regularly in a suitable location, allotting a specified period of time that the forum must run for, and ensuring that members of the public are given the best opportunities to put forward enquiries and have these addressed appropriately and constructively. Ensure you are well-informed on what is required and meet the standards set out according to the national agenda.

Media 1 Productions has delivered services to a number of NHS public forums at locations throughout the UK and can offer a range of AV equipment that is maintained and updated on a regular basis and full technical support for public meetings, consultations and events.

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