In the current digital age, when it comes to AV (audio visual) equipment and setup, not getting it right can adversely affect your event in a significant way. When used properly, the technology behind AV can transform your event. But, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Here are our 5 top tips to ensure smooth operations at your next event:


Tip 1: Assess your AV equipment requirements upfront

The sooner you start planning for your event the better – this includes having a clear vision of what you need in terms of AV setup early on. Your requirements are often determined by audience numbers, seating arrangements, the format of the event and what content needs to be displayed. Your event AV should match the content it is employed to deliver. Ensure adequate lighting and sound coverage for the room. Consider the distance the audience is from the stage and make sure there are no audio dead spots and that everyone can see and hear clearly.


Tip 2: Understand the venue and its needs

AV setup and requirement will have a big influence on your choice of venue. Factors such as; the layout of the room, accessibility to the venue, load-in/out curfews, WiFi availability, access to power throughout the room and health and safety or fire service restrictions on AV should be accounted for in the early stages of planning – your venue needs to be able to accommodate all your event’s needs.

Tip 3: Make time for rehearsals

The only way to guarantee the success of your setup is to test it. Event planners often make the mistake of failing to plan for a rehearsal or scheduling it but never actually getting round to doing it. Ask any key people such as guest speakers or panelists to be present for rehearsals, at the very minimum a stage familiarisation tour, so they can get a feel for the setup, cueing device, confidence monitor, speaker timer, lighting levels and walk-on and off routes. Find out their preferences for speaking; would how to order diflucan online they prefer to use a lapel or headset mic or would they rather stand behind a lectern? Ironing out these details during rehearsal will give your AV team a clear idea of what to prepare which creates a professional event.

Tip 4: Choose your AV supplier wisely

Hiring the right AV provider is essential to ensure success for your event technology setup. It’s important that you are confident in the company you choose. Hiring a reputable AV supplier that you can rely on to deliver on time and within budget means you can concentrate on running your event.

You should also get as much information from your supplier as possible; that means asking all the right questions. Who is my point of contact, pre-event and on-site? Will they liaise with the venue and any other 3rd party suppliers – furniture – flowers – catering etc.? How many technicians will be present on event day? Who does what on the day? When will the equipment be delivered? How long will it take to setup? If you are satisfied with the answers you receive then you can rest assured that your event is in good hands.

Tip 5: Don’t leave your AV supplier in the dark

On the flip side you should also provide your AV supplier with all the information they need to get the job done. They will need to know details such as the number of attendees, arrangements for seating, the size and layout of the room, the format of the event and how much equipment you require in terms of microphones, power leads and projectors. Always give technicians copies of event content including presentations, an agenda of each event day and floor plans of the venue that they can familiarise themselves with and keep for assistance on the day. Your AV specialist needs to be provided with a clear brief in order to set you up with the proper AV technology to make your event run smoothly.

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